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Nutritional information

per serving per 100g
energy (kJ) 2759 836
energy (kcal) 657 199
proteins (g) 29,3 8,9
carbohydrates (g) 70,5 21,4
sugars (g) 4,0 1,2
fat (g) 28,1 8,5
saturated (g) 9,9 3,0
salt (g) 2,6 0,8

chicken fillet, grilled carrot, baby spinach, coriander, thai sauce in organic sesame seed bread.

allergens: fish, milk, sesame, sulphites, mustard, egg, soya, gluten

 clean label chicken 

about our SANDWICHES

we offer a variety of fresh, balanced sandwich fillings, served in rustic baguettes, mini brioche rolls and pretzels.
fillings are changed seasonally to ensure we only use the freshest produce available.
every week we also offer a range of two different toasted sandwiches, club or veggie, in organic sesame seed or whole grain bread.

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