this winter, you can sample our soups, risotto, lasagne, vegan curries and other small hot dishes. but that’s not all!

if you’d prefer to try one of the season’s new salads, you can treat yourself to an organic spelt, goat cheese and pomegranate tabbouleh salad, a falafel and coleslaw salad served with tahini sauce, an italian pasta salad with protected designation of origin labelled mozzarella di bufala and orecchiette pasta, a turkey salad pasta salad with creamy mushroom sauce, a quinoa and salmon rillettes salad, an ash goat cheese and red lentil salad or a superfood salad made with quinoa, lentil, green cabbage and sprouted seeds.

when it comes to our mini sandwiches, this winter you can choose from two pretzel sandwiches: a ham & mimosa pretzel and a beetroot hummus & grilled carrot pretzel. and don’t forget the mini crab, pink ginger and tarama sandwich, served in soft bread. we wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year with us!