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you should not miss our super green salad, with a pesto of spirulina, this small green seaweed which is rich in minerals and proteins and well known as a body booster.

this spirulina is available from one of our partners. for 7 years, the charitable foundation nourrir aimer donner (feeding, loving, giving) funds and accompanies the project of antenna technologies, an association that fight against malnutrition by creating farms specialized in the production of spirulina.

in april 2012, the agou nyogbo nutrition center in togo, initiated by antenna technologies and funded by our foundation, opened and was able to welcome the first malnourished children of the area so that each one of them could receive a nutritional cure for two months.

at the same time, mothers are alerted about hygiene and balanced diet questions in order to learn good practices once they have returned home.
here it is.
now you can eat your super green salad, knowing there’s a little more than tasty products behind this great recipe.