with march, a new menu and a lot of new products are coming, and they should provide freshness and newness everywhere.

for the salads, you’ll discover linguine with spinach, courgette and crushed tomatoes, a marinated chicken fillet with cajun spices bulgur tabbouleh, a guac’amor salad with cod and guacamole, a verde mozzarella salad with spring vegetables, a kurakkan and cauliflower salad seasoned with a curry and mango sauce or a green superfood salad made with red quinoa, peas and radish on a bed of basil spinach hummus.

for the sandwiches, it’s the come back of the mini tofu & basil, the mini smoked salmon & tzatziki and the mini ham, cheddar & courgette with in an organic poppy seed roll.

pita breads are coming too in our shelf displays with two new recipes: the greek chicken seasoned with coriander and mint, and the veggie one garnished with artichoke, radish, edamame, purple shiso and a creamy lemon sauce.

on the counter, you can find our new oat based super cookies with two recipes: multigrain or chocolate, coconut & pecan nut.

with the mixed fruit juices, a third green juice takes place next to the green power and the superhulk. and you should ask for the green mango, a spinach, mango, pineapple and apple with a hint of ginger based juice.

finally, about the pressed juices, the turmeric has come on stage next to the ginger and you’ll be able to add it as you like in your carrot, orange or apple juices.

spring rolls!