… salads: choose from our greeky pasta salad, made with casarecce pasta, feta, olive and crushed tomato; our tabbouleh verde pasta with chicken, bulgur, aubergine and goat cheese; our quinoa, wheat pearl, lentil and edamame salad and our green lentil, smoked salmon, fennel and dill salad. our thai salad is back, as are two spring vegetable and lentil superfood salads.

... mini sandwiches: why not try our ham, cheddar & courgette mini sandwich served in organic brioche poppy seed bread and our mozzarella, basil and sundried tomato or smoked salmon, dill, cucumber & tzatziki sauce mini sandwiches, both served in rustic baguette bread?

…desserts: our lemon, raspberry and mango cheesecakes are back.

savour our seasonal recipes at cojean!