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it’s finally summer, and the new recipes are arriving in our restaurants on the 18th of june!

salads : you will find some summery classics at every single shelf ! courgette and tomato tartare in our orzo pasta salad, a savoury ratatouille in a mediterranean pasta salad with conchiglie pasta, rocket cream in the classic chicken verde salad , grilled aubergine in a bulgur with goat cheese salad, a sun-dried tomato hummus in an orange superfood salad with a quinoa trio or grilled watermelon seed with spices in a super green salad with a spirulina pesto. in short, a lot of good summer flavoured ingredients inside delicious salads.

sandwiches : mozzarella is harmoniously combined with grilled vegetables in an organic poppy seed roll and the cashew nut tofu with an astonishing mini vegan faux-cheese !

two new pita bread recipes: the chicken, guacamole and coriander pita and the greek veggie pita with black olives, red onions and the dill greek yoghurt sauce.

last but not least, summer is also the comeback of homemade cold soups like the classic gaspacho.

this summer will be savoury. we promise.