cojean porridge

cojean porridge



porridge can come in all shapes and sizes, but is usually made with oat flakes and hot milk.

our first porridge recipe is made with organic chia seeds, which are naturally rich in antioxidants and omega 3, and organic almond milk. as unbelievable as it may seem, this porridge is thus 100% gluten and dairy free. we then throw in some fresh banana & blueberries, a few pumpkin seeds, a dash of maple syrup, and this delicious porridge is ready to be eaten hot or cold, as you choose.

for our second recipe, we decided to use organic oat bran, served with either organic cow’s milk or organic soy milk, apple compote, acacia honey, a handful of raisins and a few chopped hazelnuts.

not a bad way to start the day, is it?