it’s already springtime in london and paris and our recipes have changed with the new season!

… salads: try our creamy chicken & gnocchi salad with fennel, radish and artichoke or our asian prawn pasta salad made with rice noodles. choose from our msc certified cod and guacamole guac’amor salad, lentil & avocado salad, spring quinoa salad with delicious goat cheese and our chicken & pesto tabbouleh salad. our superfood salads are also back: these delicious nutrient packed salads made with hummus, seeds, vegetables and pulses are full of goodness and vitality.

... mini sandwiches: choose from our mini grilled veggie and pesto sandwich, mini ham & courgette pretzel, mini turkey curry pretzel spiced up with golden raisins and almonds, mini tofu & basil sandwich and our mini smoked salmon & dill sandwich served in a delicious rustic baguette.

… desserts: our chia seed desserts are back (you can choose from raspberry, green tea and apricot), and you can also try our lemon and raspberry “tart in-a-pots”, which have already proved to be a hit in our paris restaurants.

we wish you a very “bon appétit” when tucking into our delicious seasonal recipes!