september, it smells of the end of summer and the beginning if a new season giving us the opportunity to bring you novel dishes, and novel dishes there are aplenty.

salads: discover on asian salad with soba noodles and grilled chicken, a salad of wheat pearls and avocado with dill pesto, a coleslaw and falafel salad with tahini sauce, green broccoli tabbouleh boosted with kale, pomegranate and a blackcurrant and raspberry vinaigrette; and lastly two astonishing superfood salads – one with spirulina and the other with hemp seeds on a bed of hummus with ginger.

mini sandwiches: you'll find our mini crab, garnished with ginger lemon and daikon cress, and in a rustic baguette, the mini bresaola and goat's cheese on caper and green olive tapenade.

toasts: a chilled open sandwich on lightly toasted bread can be enjoyed with our goat's cheese ball, pumpkin seed and honeyed sweet potato recipe, or even a gourmet toast of avocado and kale.

bon appétit!