at the salad bar, you will discover a gnocchi sarde pasta salad with tuna and an artichoke spread, a salad with aubergine, white bean and a poached egg, a summer barley salad with fennel, tomato and feta, a curried wild rice and avocado salad, and much more with with a salad of crudités and a crumble with cashew nut and turmeric sauce.

the summer menu is also the return of your favorite recipes like the love pasta salad with orecchiettes, courgette and a creamy sauce with lemon and basil, the mediterranean pasta salad with ratatouille and mozzarella di bufala, the chicken verde salad with rocket cream, not to mention a taboulé with chicken, aubergine and goat cheese.

moreover, find plenty of new sandwiches! a mini banh mi with marinated tofu and thai sauce in a brioche bun, a mini cucumber chicken and lemon sauce in a rustic baguette, but also a guacamole baguette, with mature cheddar and dried tomato.

the toasts will also make their comeback with two new recipes: smoked salmon and goat cheese, and a vegetarian recipe with grilled vegetables, ricotta and black olive.

... and this is just a menu preview!
we wish you an excellent summer and a very good appetite with us.