autumn is here, and with it comes an incredible mix of flavours and colours.

cojean paris has concocted a menu that will surprise you and turn your post-holiday blues into an appealing cojean blue.

a rainbow is illuminating our menu this season, with recipes like the “purple salad”, made with red cabbage and blueberry on an exquisite blackcurrant hummus, or the “ginger bean salad”, made with quinoa trio, avocado, bean trio, fried shiitake mushrooms, carrot and a hint of ginger.

and to make things even better, the colourful and energetic “blue superfood salad” with spirulina is finally back.

when it comes to our sandwiches, you will find recipes like the vegan “mushroom & hazelnut pitta” and the “turkey & provolone” toastie, seasoned with a delicious basil pesto.

this new season also announces the return of our chia puddings: “charcoal & raspberry” & “mango” and we introduce our new vegan bircher the “kiwi & spirulina”.

if you are looking for a firework of tastes and colours this season, spend it with us.