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every year, cojean gives 10% of its profits to the nourrir aimer donner (feeding, loving, giving) charitable foundation, which was created in 2011 under the aegis of the fondation de france to help fight poverty and to contribute to the sustainable development of the poorest communities worldwide.

sanjay is one of the pastry chefs of the calcutta shuktara cakes workshop created by the foundation. his story is an example for everyone.

sanjay was welcomed into the shuktara home in april 2000 at the age of nine and no one knows more about his past or family. deaf and mute, he communicates thanks to the sign language. the shuktara home brought him the warmth and security of a family to grow up. when the foundation created the shuktara cakes project in calcutta in 2012, in order to give training and a job to the youth of the shuktara home, sanjay was the first to be motivated. from his first days of training, he has been very rigorous and very involved, particularly good for baking pastries that he monitors very strictly. he saw in this pastry shop the opportunity to fulfill his dream of having his own home and starting a family.

he has always expressed this wish. with his first wages, sanjay married munni, settled in a small house to create a home and realize his dream very quickly. they are now parents of an adorable little girl, sumi.
sanjay has since left the roof of shuktara and has made way to other boys and girls abandoned and affected by a disability. every morning Sanjay continues to accurately monitor each batch of shuktara cakes.