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every year, cojean gives 10% of its profits to the nourrir aimer donner (feeding, loving, giving) charitable foundation, which was created in 2011 under the auspices of the fondation de france to help fight poverty and to contribute to the sustainable development of the poorest communities worldwide.

in 2016, alain cojean meets runa khan, through a common friend.
runa comes from one of the largest families in bangladesh. she could have lived very comfortably in her country, but she chose to commit herself fully in the charity "friendship" she founded in 2001.

incredibly dedicated to her cause, runa works with an amazing efficiency on a wide range of topics to help the most disadvantaged, in particular for those who face climatic and ecological disaster.

runa among other things designed hospital boats in order to reach isolated populations in her country and provide them with care.
these three hospital boats, are mobile and move every two months to help other places. they have local professionals, and thanks to the charity’s international partnerships, teams of foreign doctors visit the boats throughout the year to provide additional medical support and expertise.

200 satellite clinics complement these three boats in accessing the most isolated areas. they are smaller boats carrying a team of paramedic, health educator, medical assistant or nurse (all of them supervised by a doctor).
these satellite clinics offer a range of services including vaccinations, family planning, nutrition counseling, and weekly health education visits.

the organization is perfectly structured with an optimal effectiveness.
each cabin is dedicated to a medicine specialty (gastroenterology, dentist, ophthalmology, gynecology, pediatrics, etc ...). the care system which is developed there is remarkable and allows them not only to provide primary health care but also certain surgical procedures in difficult to reach communities on the continent.

this organization is used to treating 250,000 every month people living in extreme poverty and obviously having no way of healing themselves differently.
more recently, due to what many people consider a genocide, runa has put her truly outstanding energy and effectiveness into helping rohingya refugees.

more than a million people from rakhine state in myanmar have fled their lands to escape extreme violence perpetrated by the burmese army, police and local militias.
many of the survivors recounting the testimonies massacres are chilling. more than a million people have crossed the border from myanmar to take refuge in bangladesh. with nothing but the clothes on their backs, pennyless, destitute and without water and food. during the crossing, some are born on roads, others die there.

runa and her teams were among the first to enter these camps. the need for drinking water is obviously massive. some of those people only drink water from rice fields, puddles or shallow water holes dug by hand. more than a million people live there, in extremely precarious shelters. contagious diseases have clearly emerged because of this high population density worsened by many new arrivals every day who bring with them a continuous influx of new infectious agents.

in these camps runa has opened several highly efficient clinics which all day long host refugees, mainly young children with their mothers and the elderly. these clinics are also used sometimes as maternity wards.
after alain’s visit to the camps with runa, he decided via the charity "nourrir aimer donner" to finance the construction of a clinic and to take charge of its annual running doctors, nurses, operation, etc ...

today, “friendship” mobilizes more than 1,800 volunteers and helps more than 500,000 people each month.